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Cleaning Heating Systems

Over time your heating system can develop a build up of sludge within the pipes and radiators, which in turn restricts the flow of water, making your boiler work harder to push the water around. At the same time your radiators may develop cold spots, for instance, despite bleeding the radiator the bottom part at the middle never fully heats up.

If that is the case you may well benefit from having your central heating system flushed out, to remove dirt and debris and make the heating more efficient.

Magnaclean v Power Flushing

Many people have heard of 'power flushing' which uses high pressure to move the dirt through your system. This high pressure can cause leaks, particularly in older systems.

We use a procedure called Magnaclean to clean out your entire central heating system, ridding it of sludge, dirt and debris that has built up over the years. The system works by circulating water through the radiators at low pressure. The water is passed through our specialised machine where powerful magnets remove the sludge and return the clean water back into the heating system.
Magnaclean BeforeMagnaclean After

Do I Need My Heating System Cleaned?

If you think your radiators are not heating up fully or if they have cold spots then you may well benefit from having your system cleaned. In these times when heating costs are spiralling, it is vital that your system is running as efficiently as possible so that you are not wasting money. Feel free to call us to discuss.
Construction Industry Guarantee Scheme Member
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